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Steel Fabrication – Crafting Excellence

Star Regent LLC stands as a leader in steel fabrication, serving Dubai and the broader UAE region for several years. We work closely with companies across diverse sectors, providing custom metal products that embody high quality and precision. Our steel fabrication capabilities include fabrication, welding, bending, and catering to custom requirements with an assortment of fabrication machinery.

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Our Steel Fabrication Services

Steel Fabrication & Fixing Works: We specialize in all facets of steel fabrication, from precision cutting, bending, forming, and assembly to welding and finishing. Our team is skilled in working with various steel grades and sizes to suit diverse applications. We offer fixing works that ensure a perfect fit and installation in your structure, following all safety and building codes.

Gate Works: Our expertise extends to custom fabricated gates, including swing gates, sliding gates, or cantilever gates for various applications. We design, manufacture, and install steel gates with a range of finishing options from powder coating to galvanization. All our gates are designed to withstand the elements and provide high security.

Stair Works: We manufacture bespoke steel staircases adhering to safety and building regulations. Whether it’s a simple straight staircase, spiral, or helical designs, we ensure accuracy through CAD designs and precision fabrication processes. We work with various materials, from steel to glass, and offer various finishes to match the aesthetics of your space.

Mezzanine Floors: We deliver robust and cost-effective mezzanine floor solutions that effectively double your space without extensive renovations. Our mezzanine floors are fabricated from high-grade steel, designed to handle significant load capacities. These floors are custom-designed to suit your facility layout and can be assembled quickly with minimal disruption.

Steel Handrails: Our steel handrails are fabricated with precision and care, providing safety and enhancing the aesthetics of your space. We offer various design options, from straightforward and minimalist handrails to more complex and decorative designs. All our handrails are corrosion-resistant, durable, and comply with safety standards.

Structural Steel Works: From columns, beams, to trusses, we offer a comprehensive range of structural steel services. We use the latest CAD technology to ensure precise design, fabrication, and installation of structural steel elements. Our structures are engineered to withstand substantial loads and provide stability and integrity to your construction projects.

Custom Steel Elements: We specialize in creating custom steel elements, from architectural accents to unique fittings and fixtures. We leverage state-of-the-art CNC machines for precision cutting, bending, and forming to translate your design ideas into functional, durable steel pieces. Whether you need bespoke cladding, canopies, or decorative steel features, we can bring your vision to life.

At Star Regent LLC, we combine our technical skills with a deep understanding of steel materials to provide top-notch fabrication services, all aligned with your specific project requirements.

Our Advantages

Choosing Star Technical Services LLC for your steel fabrication needs brings several benefits:

  • Detailed Product Analysis: We conduct in-depth analyses to ensure we meet your project needs accurately.
  • Enhanced Product Performance: Our fabrication process is designed to improve the performance of your products.
  • Efficient Development Cycles: We work tirelessly to maintain your development timeline.
  • Wide Range of Capabilities: No matter the material or the complexity, we’ve got you covered.
  • Cost Efficiency: We strive to provide our superior services at competitive prices.
  • Industry Standard Compliance: Our services adhere to industry standards, ensuring the quality and reliability of our products.

Our Commitment

At Star Technical Services LLC, we aim to be your one-stop solution for steel fabrication services, guiding you from initial product conception to the final manufacturing stage. We stand ready to address any manufacturing challenges with our dedicated team and global partnerships. Our state-of-the-art production equipment and knowledge ensure we meet your requirements every time.

Improve Your Product Performance:

We’re not just about shaping metal to your specifications. We’re also dedicated to enhancing your product’s performance. Our custom fabrication process meticulously considers the service life of your product. When we customize metal parts for your specific application, we ensure they are engineered to handle the stresses of your project.

Wide Range of Steel Fabrication Capabilities:

We work with a broad range of metals, including various grades of carbon steel, stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum. You can depend on us for reliable MIG or TIG welding, folding, bending, cutting, spinning, and finishing services.

Meeting International Standards:

We understand that customized fabricated parts often need to comply with specific industry standards. Rest assured, our team has the global experience and resources to ensure all our manufacturing processes meet international standards. To ensure we’re at the forefront of industry developments, we closely follow the research and standards set by the World Steel Association and the American Welding Society .

Partner With Us

Whether your needs include high-volume production, short-run manufacturing, or precision products for specific industries like aerospace, defense, heavy trucks, or medical equipment, Star Technical Services LLC is your trusted partner. We don’t cut corners when it comes to your project. Instead, we work alongside you to produce precision, custom steel products that reflect the highest quality and reliability.